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Eco Club Activites 2018-19

“ It is inconceivable that humankind, with all its noble achievements,   can stay indifferent to the destruction of bio-sphere any more. We must imperatively change our attitudes and agree to live modestly and realistically – all for the sake of the future- which is not ours but which we have borrowed from future generations. Humans are running the environmental equivalent of deficit budget, which is only sustained by plundering our capital base. Over exploiting fisheries, overgrazing pasture until it becomes desert, destroying forests and polluting our oceans and atmosphere ”. With the above concepts in mind,   volunteers of Vanodaya   approached the schools to catch the young students at an impressionable age. Eco Club is one of the growing activities for Vanodaya. From a just one school since the idea germinated, the branches   widened to three schools this year. We zeroed on Chottanahalli, Dhangur and Byadarahalli Government High Schools this time to expose childre