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Boot Camp for volunteers at Bhadra

After months of planning, the most awaited Boot Camp at Bhadra was on from 16 th September   to 17 th September 2017 in the vicinity of Bhadra Tiger Reserve, the very place excites the conservationists and wild life enthusiasts alike.   20 volunteers from Vanodaya, among them 9 from Sathanur participated. As the camp was to take off at 6.30 am on 16 th September, we all arrived on Friday night itself at Bhadra. Next day, the early morning rains gave us a wakeup call. We were all   ready on time. Mr.Girish was prompt on time, after exchanging morning greetings; he led us into the fields for birding without wasting any time.  Once on the field, we could immediately comprehend the depth of his knowledge, as Girish started explaining the smaller details of the biosphere. The special interaction results of life, the accumulation of free energy in living matter, its leftover mass, coal and oil, an unusual distribution of atoms and molecules are the reasons why it is called a bio